The Babies @ Cake Shop

It's not often that I go to a show to see the opening band, but nevertheless, that's exactly what I did on Sunday to see the Babies at Cake Shop.  From what little is out there about the Babies, I knew I wanted to learn more and get a first-hand glimpse at this Brooklyn super group.  Consisting of Cassie Ramone of the Vivian Girls, Kevin Morby of Woods, Nathanael Stark of Bent Outta Shape and Justin Sullivan of Bossy, it's no coincidence that this band can create some pretty catchy tunes.

Their eight-song set was full of infectious garage rock with a twist of surf and pop.  Their music is pretty simple and straightforward, no gimmicks or complexities here; Cassie and Kevin share the duties on vocals, as well as guitars while Justin keeps the beat and Nathanael picks the bass.  Their set was fun and the building crowd at Cake Shop nodded their heads in approval.  I captured their entire set but have no clue what the names are to any of the tracks except for "Meet Me In the City" and "All Things Come To Pass" (which are featured on their Myspace); so if anybody could help with the song titles, I'd most obliged.  Videos of the two aforementioned tracks are below:

The Babies @ Cake Shop The Babies @ Cake Shop Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 15, 2010 Rating: 5
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