DNCE @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX

DNCE, fronted by JoBro Joe Jonas, hit the music scene in 2015 with their debut EP Swaay, which produced their debut single, "Cake by the Ocean".  Have you heard that one?  Sure, you have.  That's why you were at the Granada Theater in Dallas when the band came through on its headlining US tour.  Or was it because you're a huge Jonas Brother fan?  It was really hard to tell what brought the droves of fans to Granada, whether it was the unbridled love of all things Jonas or if it was DNCE's newly released full-length, self-titled album?  Whatever the case, an hour prior to the doors opening, the line wrapped around the historic venue, spilling into the parking lot behind.  It was a chilly evening for the 200+ fans waiting outside, but once indoors, it was nothing short of a DNCE party for the sold out crowd of over 1,000 in attendance.

DNCE is not hard to follow or understand.  They make catchy pop music.  Their show reflects that.  I didn't go into Granada expecting the next Beatles but reading reviews leading up to this show would have you believe that somewhere along the line, a pop show is to be taken critically.  That logic is fairly flawed.  I went into this show expecting to be entertained, and DNCE did exactly that.  Sure, the songs seem to flow into one another and none are leaps and bounds better than the others, but the show itself was a blast.  Jonas, though short on real stage banter, held his own as a frontman, while bassist and resident nutcase, Cole Whittle, was a sight to behold with constant jumping and leg kicks.  Guitarist JinJoo Lee was fairly bland onstage, barely moving away from her mic stand but her licks were true and you could tell she was having a good time.  Same could be said for drummer Jack Lawless, he was fantastic playing the drums but did nothing spectacular as far as showmanship. 

Does that mean the show was bad?  No.  I think critics sometimes forget that they are at a concert, where thousands of fans have paid to see artists they have a connection with.  Substance or not, this show was meant to entertain and they did exactly that.  In fact, the next time they play in Dallas, it will be in a much larger venue.  While DNCE aren't my normal cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed the quartet playing their entire catalog and a handful of covers.  I can't say I will be attending their next DFW show but this one was definitely a lot of fun.  Photos of the show are below:

DNCE @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX DNCE @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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