Lightspeed Champion @ Sound Fix Records

First off, sorry for the pixelated photo of Dev; I will try harder next time.  On with the show.  Yes, that's Devonte' Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion, the lovable Texas-born, English-raised, and now Williamsburg-resident, payed visit to Sound Fix Records for an intimate performance in support of his newly released album, Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You.

Life is sweet, I would agree, but that was not my first thought as the swelling crowd at Sound Fix waited for over an hour before Dev started his set; despite my initial annoyance, Dev addressed the crowd that the delay was on an account of a car accident involving the sound guy.  Hope he's doing well.  After some short banter, Dev and crew jumped into the album's first single, "Marlene".  The sound was pretty good, despite the minimal prep time and the lack of his full band.  Switching from guitar to bass, and vice versa, Dev showed his flexibility and provided the majority of the vocals with his signature voice.  The trio, along with a few Dev solos, rode though a few songs from Life Is Sweet , a couple oldies, and even a couple new ones.  Set list was as so:

Faculty of Fears
There's Nothing Underwater
Dull and Boring (new)
Galaxy of the Lost
Heavy Purple (unreleased)
Devil In Disguise (new cover)
Madame Van Damme

I was surprised at the length of his set, as most in-store performances rarely exceed three or four songs.  Overall, a pretty good performance by Dev and another great in-store at Sound Fix Records.  On a side note, if you want to have a conversation with an artist, please do so before or after the performance.  You're distracting and nobody thought you were cool and clever but yourselves.  Yes, you two.  That is all.  Videos of Dev and company can be found below:

Videos of "Faculty of Fears" and "There's Nothing Underwater" can be seen at the MTC YouTube Channel.

Lightspeed Champion @ Sound Fix Records Lightspeed Champion @ Sound Fix Records Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 17, 2010 Rating: 5
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