Radio Happy Hour w/ Jolie Holland and Jessi Klein @ Le Poisson Rouge

After a brief hiatus, I found myself at Le Poisson Rouge for another chapter of Radio Happy Hour, the radio show that's not necessarily on the radio; though a video stream is available online.  A live variety show and the brainchild of host, Sam Osterhout, combines hilarious screenplays, funny Q & A's sessions, and performances by guest musicians.  This month's edition included the funny comedian/writer Jessi Klein and singer/song bird Jolie Holland; in my own personal opinion, this was the funniest of the Radio Happy Hour's that I've seen and that Jessi Klein is extremely witty.

This month's show, "The Curse of the Balls of Cupid", was set at Jessi Klein's singles party at a hotel next to the highway.  The cast was played by Sam Osterhout (Rod), Robin Reed (Martini), Matt Shibiak (Stupid Fresh?) and Jessi and Jolie played themselves.  As with all Radio Happy Hour shows, the cast is hurled into a murder mystery when a man stumbles into the hotel room and dies, having been shot with an 'archaic weapon' (arrow).  Everyone suspects everyone else, as each has a motive for killing the man but who is actually the murderer??  The screenplay was quite clever and I had a hard time steadying the camera at times as I had to control my laughter.  If you haven't caught one of these shows yet, I would highly recommend it.  Jolie Holland, accompanied by Grey Gersten, covered two Michael Hurley songs in between each act; the songs were gorgeous and perfectly fitting for Valentine's.  Videos of all three acts, along with Holland/Gersten performances, are found below:

Stay tuned for next month's show (3/13) as it will include writer Arthur Phillips, comedian couple John and Molly Knefel, and musical guest Cursive.  Additional information about Radio Happy Hour can be found here or at Le Poisson Rouge.

Radio Happy Hour w/ Jolie Holland and Jessi Klein @ Le Poisson Rouge Radio Happy Hour w/ Jolie Holland and Jessi Klein @ Le Poisson Rouge Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 15, 2010 Rating: 5
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