AFI @ House of Blues, Dallas, TX

Special contribution by Daniel Martinez
After months following the original scheduled date, AFI rolled into the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas to bring their Bodies Tour supporting their recent album release of the same namesake. Despite Bodies releasing back in the middle of a pandemic, Davey Havok was able to bring the tunes to North Texas. The band stormed into the stage with a massive 17-song set list to perform in front of the almost sold out crowd. With a very diverse setlist, performing songs from Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes to Sing the Sorrow, all the way through Bodies, there was something for everyone of their fans throughout the band’s successful career. Songs like "Girls Not Grey", "Bleed Black", and "Miss Murder" were all present. The band ended their set with an encore of "The Leaving Song" and "Days of the Phoenix" from Art of Drowning, sending the fans home happy and hyped up about their California show where the band will perform their album Sing the Sorrow from front to back live for the first and last time ever.

Strength through Wounding
Girl’s Not Grey
Love Like Winter
Still a Stranger
A Single Second
Escape from Los Angeles
The Despair Factor
I Hope You Suffer
Death of the Party
Bleed Black
Snow Cats
He Who Laughs Last
Silver and Cold
Miss Murder

The Leaving Song
The Days of the Phoenix

Photos of the show are below:

Contributed by Daniel Martinez

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