Shinedown / Jelly Roll / John Harvie Band @ Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX

Words and photos by Duane Clawson
I’ve seen some prestigious bands over the years, but I’ve never seen a band that was ranked number one by Billboard on the Greatest of All-Time Mainstream Rock Artists chart. That is until I saw Shinedown! After 500-plus days of lockdown, this band is back on the road with new music from the album, Planet Zero. They also brought some new friends with them as well, country-rapper Jelly Roll and fresh talent courtesy of the John Harvie Band. The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory was in for one hell of a show!

Welcoming fans back with a three-minute montage, Shinedown makes a grand entrance through massive retractable panels, emblazoned with neon lighting. As fans are going bonkers, all four band member walk appreciatively to the front of the elevated stage. Wasting no time introducing fresh material, they open with “Saints of Violence and Inuendo.” “America Burning” song number three, also new, contains a most fitting lyric, “You may be woke but you’re not awake.” As you go through Planet Zero you’ll find most songs deal with the current human condition.

About 20 minutes into the show, lead singer Brent Smith speaks of his appreciation for Dallas showing up while slapping some skin up front. Their stage show is top notch, complete with copious amounts of pyro, and who doesn’t like pyro at a rock show? With an arm raised, Smith points to the sky as guitarist Zach Myers plays a brief snippet of the Foo Fighters song “Hero”, a brief tribute to drummer Taylor Hawkins. Smith’s powerful voice was on full display during the haunting, “Crow & The Butterfly” and a new personal favorite for me! Now how about those opening acts?

If there was ever a success story in the making it would most certainly feature Jelly Roll! From jail cells to main stages, he has been there. This is definitely not your father’s country, as his DJ asks, “You all ready for some Jelly Roll? Then make some M***** F****** noise!” As the backlights flicker and the fireballs fly, the big man from Tennessee makes one flashy entrance! Before singing his current hit, “Son of a Sinner” he acknowledges Shinedown for bringing him on the biggest tour of his life. It was at this moment I realized his popularity, as the nearly 8000 in attendance sang along. I get the feeling next time he is in Texas he’ll be headlining the show!

With the most unenviable task of opening the show, the John Harvie Band gave it a go. John Harvie fits the mold of Fall Out Boy or that of most pop punk bands. This being his first time in Dallas he did not make a favorable impression, as derogatory remarks comments were made about the Dallas Cowboys. From this point forward there were some boos and no one seemed to pay attention during his 30-minute set. Hopefully Mr. Harvie can polish his act and redeem himself next time he’s in town. That is if they let him back in town!

Bass/Piano player Eric Bass was unable to perform with Shinedown last time they were town and he wanted to make up for his absence. According to Smith he wanted to do it in a big way, he wanted a flying piano, with lights. Tada, we have said piano. During the rock and roll event of 2022 jumping is highly encouraged, on Smith’s command everyone is doing just that during, “Enemies’. If given the time I could write a small novel on this show, but I’ll save my words for my next Shinedown review. Winding down a nearly two-hour show, they are joined by Jelly Roll for a stellar rendition of, “Simple Man”.

With every fader on the mixing board on eleven, they put their all into, “Sound of Madness”! The one thing I learned from seeing Shinedown, 'I need more Shinedown in my life! Can’t wait to see them again!' A big thanks to the Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory for being a great host! And thank you to Shinedown for allowing MTC MAG to be front and center!

Photos of the show are below:

John Harvie Band
Jelly Roll
Contributed by Duane Clawson
Shinedown / Jelly Roll / John Harvie Band @ Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX Shinedown / Jelly Roll / John Harvie Band @ Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 03, 2022 Rating: 5
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