Gorillaz / EarthGang @ Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX

Words and photos by Kayleigh S.
The Gorillaz rolled into the Pavilion At Toyota Music Factory to perform to a sold out venue, a venue half the size of the rest of the tour's venues, making it an intimate performance for their standards. The venue was packed with fans dressed in Gorillaz merch and cosplay, as I saw tons of fans dressed as 2-D and Murdoc, characters in the Gorillaz universe.

The show began with the American hip-hop duo known as EARTHGANG. Johnny Venus came out head to toe in denim with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, the perfect outfit for their show here in Texas. They put on a great performance to get the crowd on their feet and ready for Gorillaz. 

Gorillaz started their set with “M1 A1”, a song from their 2001 album Gorillaz. The entire stage was lit up and the screen behind them played visuals for the song. It was amazing that not only did they play 27 songs, but each song had its own visuals that would play on the big screen behind the stage. 

There were multiple special guests brought out during the show starting with Bootie Brown coming out during “Dirty Harry”, a song from their 2005 album Demon Days. Bootie Brown also stayed to perform the encore which included “New Gold” and “Stylo”. 

After performing their second-encore song, “Stylo”, Damon Albarn introduced the hip hop trio De La Soul. They performed their most popular song “Feel Good Inc.” and it was one of the most incredible live performances I've seen. The visuals during the show were phenomenal and complimented the rest of the show extremely well.

Photos of the show are below:



Contributed by Kayleigh S.

Gorillaz / EarthGang @ Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX Gorillaz / EarthGang @ Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 03, 2022 Rating: 5
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