Metronomy @ Trees, Dallas, TX

There are some bands that are cool.  Then there's Metronomy, who bleeds coolness in the best, least pretentious way.  Led by mastermind Joseph Mount, the four-piece from London (five when performing live) has a great blend of indie rock with a dash of 80's funk.  The group is touring in support of their latest release, Love Letters, which has more funk than rock but was contains enough soul and bounce that kept Trees dancing all night.  When performing, Mount and bassist Gbenga Adelekan command the stage.  While Mount provides most of the vocals for Metronomy, Adelekan provides the best amount of crowd interaction and dance moves to boot.  It was surprising to hear that this was the group's first visit to Dallas, especially being stone's throw from Austin and Houston.  Nonetheless, Dallas greeted the band with open arms and lots of energy.  Songs like "The Look" and "The Bay" were definite highlights and the show closing "You Could Easily Have Me" really brought the house down.  Hopefully they don't stay away from Dallas because it was one of the more fun shows I've been to this year.

Photos of the show are below:

Metronomy @ Trees, Dallas, TX Metronomy @ Trees, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 28, 2014 Rating: 5
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