Bloc Party / The Burning Hotels @ House of Blues, Dallas, TX

Déjà vu.  The first time I got to see Bloc Party perform live was in this very city, this very venue.  The first time was in support of their second release, A Weekend in the City.  There had been no third or fourth release yet.  No hiatus.  No Kele solo album.  No alleged break up.  Things seemed simpler back then.  Rush to present day Bloc Party.  With as much that has happened in the last few years, would this be the same band I saw in 2007?  In reality, outside of the stage backdrop, little much else has changed for Bloc Party.  The band still is pumping out energetic indie rock and have still have a flash for an exciting live show.

The Burning Hotels opened the show and proved to be a great compliment to Bloc Party's sound.  Delivering a very upbeat set, the band showed the audience why they are one of the better live bands in the DFW area.  I think those in attendance who had no idea who the Burning Hotels were going into the show, definitely left with a great taste in their ears and a better appreciation for these particular local artists.

As the lights dimmed down and a bluish haze swept over the crowd, the members of Bloc Party emerged from the sides of the stage.  Wasting little time, the band jumped into "He Begins to Lie", the opening track to their lastest effort, Four.  Just as their show in 2007, their stage setup was fairly modest but I think that makes for a better experience for focusing on the music.  Jumping around through their four-album catalog, the band played songs such as "Hunting for Witches", "Kettling", "Mercury", and "Song For Clay (Disappear Here)" before interluding into the ever-popular "Banquet".  It was clear these guys have not missed a step as they whipped the crowd into a dance frenzy.  As expected, once their initial set was ended with "Octopus", the band reemerged for an encore including "Flux" and the amazing "This Modern Love".  But the band did not end there.  They came back out a second time to perform the rare "Tulips" and the same song they ended with in 2007, "Helicopter".  Always a great choice.  In the end, the crowd walked away sweaty and full of cheers and excitement.  It was a great night of music and a great walk down memory lane.  Photos of the show are below:

Bloc Party / The Burning Hotels @ House of Blues, Dallas, TX Bloc Party / The Burning Hotels @ House of Blues, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on December 18, 2012 Rating: 5
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