Male Bonding @ Mercury Lounge

This past Sunday, I did what most do on Easter:  eat chocolate, imagine what my cats would look like with bunny ears, and went to the Mercury Lounge to hear some music.  You did too?  Crazy.  I actually made it to Mercury Lounge just in time to see the Republic of Ireland's own So Cow, who were quite good.  I had heard good things about them but this was my first listen to their music; lots of pop rock and melodies.  It was during their set that I had my laugh of the day; in between songs, they were going to dedicate the next song to the risen Lord, to which someone booed.  A few chuckles aside, the singer asked "Who boos Jesus?".  Much funnier in person.

After So Cow and a lengthy wait, the UK's Male Bonding took stage and jumped into a brand of garage/punk with a twist of pop; their sound was loud and raw but enough melody and beat to keep your head and body moving.  Their show was pretty straightforward, with minimal banter as they thundered through their dozen or so song set with much intensity.  Switching between John Arthur Webb (guitar) and Kevin Hendrick (bass) on vocals, each brought something different to the table while Robin Silas Christian continuously worked the drums like a wild man.  They played mostly from their anticipated full-length debut album, Nothing Hurts, and if the show at Mercury Lounge was any indicator, their album is bound to do great things.  The band will conclude their touring in the US on the 18th in LA before returning across the pond to tour the UK and Europe; for my international readers, I would highly recommend catching this band on the rise.  Videos of the show are below:

As far as the rest of the show goes, I unfortunately did not stay for the Smith Westerns; after being ill for a week, I just wanted to make sure I got enough rest.  Maybe next time.

Male Bonding @ Mercury Lounge Male Bonding @ Mercury Lounge Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on April 08, 2010 Rating: 5
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