Love Is All @ Knitting Factory

As I continued my trek through a calendar full of international artists, I saw Sweden's Love Is All at Southpaw in Brooklyn.  Known for their pure pop goodness, Love Is All marched into Southpaw having just released their latest effort, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, earlier in the week.  Also known for having high-energy shows, the band did not disappoint; my own personal opinion, despite reading multiple reviews that beg to differ.  I admit that I could see them performing with more energy but I thought their show was well-rounded and very good.  Their set included a mix bag of oldies but goodies and new materials from Two Thousand and Ten Injuries; they even performed "False Pretenses" for the first time live.  Set list was as such:

Bigger Bolder
From the Corner
Talk Talk Talk Talk
Ageing Had Never Been His Friend
Never Now
Early Warnings
Wishing Well
Make Out Fall Out Make Up
New Beginnings
False Pretenses
Busy Doing Nothing

Videos of the show are below:

Love Is All @ Knitting Factory Love Is All @ Knitting Factory Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on April 06, 2010 Rating: 5
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