Rain Machine @ 92YTribeca

Here's another example of me going to a show to get a glimpse of the opener; in this instance, I wanted to check out TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone's solo project, Rain Machine.  Opening for the talented Jolie Holland at 92YTribeca, Malone was indeed solo this evening.  Typically Malone would have a backing band alongside him but tonight seemed to be the exception to the rule, standing alone center-stage, guitar in hand.  Don't be fooled, his music translates well even without his counterparts.

As a fan of TV on the Radio and Kyp's writing contribution to the band, I was enamored with his solo project and was excited to finally see him perform his own material.  Opening with the aggressive "Give Blood", Kyp casually strummed through the song, providing his distinct and very strong vocals to this fantastic song.  And speaking of TV on the Radio, Kyp actually "broke one of his own rules" by playing a song by TVoTR ("Stork and Owl") at a Rain Machine show; it was accepted graciously by the crowd.  In my opinion, his best performance came with his rendition of "Winter Song"; his vocals really captured the crowd in this song.  Equally as great, Kyp was joined onstage by Holland, Grey Gersten and Shahzad Ismaily for "Smiling Black Faces"; Kyp was again joined by Holland for the last song of his set.  Altogether, I thought he sounded great and his material is just as good as his TVoTR stuff.  Definitely recommended.  Videos of the show are below:

In all honesty, Jolie Holland had a very great set as well and I will post a few videos when edited and uploaded; she performed alongside Gersten and Shahzad (and Kyp during her opening song).  Mostly new material from her upcoming album, her set was beautiful and she is an extremely talented and versatile artist and is definitely worth catching.

Rain Machine @ 92YTribeca Rain Machine @ 92YTribeca Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on March 23, 2010 Rating: 5
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