The Megaphonic Thrift / The Good the Bad @ Littlefield

I ventured out to Littlefield on Sunday to catch the early afternoon  Scandinavian Day Party featuring the Megaphonic Thrift, Spleen United, the Good the Bad and Casiokids.  My first impressions of Littlefield were very favorable; the space is setup really well, with a large stage and great sound reproduction.  It was obvious the weather had played a factor on the turnout, as well as the time in which the show took place.  But with all things, the show must go on.

I had heard a lot of good things about the Megaphonic Thrift and their live show, so I was excited to see them perform; I had originally planned on seeing them at Monday's show at Santos but couldn't attend due to schedule conflicts.  I was very fortunate that they had multiple shows in New York because they were phenomenal.  There are no big frills with the band, they just make fantastic rock music.  Even with the minimal turnout for their set, the band was very intense and stormed through their seven-song set.  I now regret not catching more of their set but am satisfied with the footage I did capture.  I would highly recommend catching them during SXSW.

I did catch Spleen United's set but really wasn't into their style of music; it got kind of repetitive and it didn't seem too inventive.  Maybe it was because I was looking forward to the Good the Bad's last-minute New York set.  Their brand of surf and flamenco is loud and straightforward; their songs are delightfully simple but the ferocity of their live performance is what makes them special.  I love the fact that band doesn't include a vocalist because they "couldn't find one who would stand behind the drummer".  I was very disappointed in the crowd's response to their set and it was obvious the band felt the same way too; my only complaint is that some of their songs are a little short for my taste.  But they'll have a lot of chances to wow the crowds in Austin this week at SXSW.  Videos of the show are below:

The Megaphonic Thrift / The Good the Bad @ Littlefield The Megaphonic Thrift / The Good the Bad @ Littlefield Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on March 17, 2010 Rating: 5
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