Camera Obscura @ Other Music, New York

Courtesy of 'Chris'
There was nothing spectacular about this show; no fancy light shows, no ten story video screens and no MTV telecast.  No, this show was intimate, short and sweet.  You don't have to be spectacular to be a great band and perform an excellent acoustic set.  That's what Camera Obscura did at Other Music last night before their headlining set at the MHOW.  In front of a modest crowd, despite the fact that the record store was packed, the band strummed through five songs to a very gracious fanbase.  The first four songs came from their latest release,  My Maudlin Career, which included "Honey In the Sun", "Swans", "James" and "French Navy".  The band ended their set with their upcoming single, "The Blizzard", a Jim Reeves cover; the band admitted that this was their first live performance of the song.  I really wish I had bought tickets to their show at the MHOW because they were fantastic at Other Music.  I guess we live and learn, right?  Here are the videos from last night's in-store performance:

Camera Obscura @ Other Music, New York Camera Obscura @ Other Music, New York Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on November 23, 2009 Rating: 5
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