The Uglysuit @ the Living Room, CMJ Music Marathon

Oklahomans are known for their big hearts, honesty and integrity; overall, being a good brand of people.  This is very true about the band, the Uglysuit, hailing from Oklahoma City, OK.  The band was in town for the CMJ Music Marathon where they performed five shows over the course of four days; I attended their show at the Living Room as part of Paste Magazine's Day Party.  I had the chance to record their set and have a small chat with the guys upstairs at Googies Lounge, all of which will presented on here.

Upon arriving at the Living Room, I saw two guys and two girls pulling equipment out of a van parked outside.  Seeing the amount of equipment to be moved, I offered my services and helped unload what remained inside; my arms thanked me the next day.  Not too long afterward, the band arrived and were curiously checking out the venue space.  The Living Room reminded me of a few venues back home in Oklahoma, a very intimate feel and someplace you could always hang out and have a good time.  As the band setup and started their sound checks, I tried to find the perfect place for a static camera, only to find out that if the tripod wasn't seven feet tall, I was going to catch some floating heads; no worries,  I shot with another camera up close, unobstructed.

The band's set was delightful.  A combination of elegant, somber melodies and raw,  powerful shoegaze created a nice spectrum of sound that showcased the band's flexibility.  From the opening "1902 Deep Sea" to the closing epic "...And We Became Sunshine", the band never missed a beat and performed with an intent to make their act hard to follow.  As discussed in my interview with the band, there seems to be this transformation from the laid back guys joking around as they setup their equipment to this intense collective that performs with passion.  It's always great to see such a young band take pride, not only in their songwriting and creativity, but also in their showmanship and presentation; "...And We Became Sunshine" is a prime example, such a great performance.  They were all very humble and very gracious for my interest in their band.  The pleasure was all mine, I got to spend my Wednesday afternoon with some fellow Oklahomans, listen to some great music, enjoy a beer and  casual conversation afterward.  It was a great time.

The Uglysuit @ the Living Room, CMJ Music Marathon The Uglysuit @ the Living Room, CMJ Music Marathon Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 27, 2009 Rating: 5
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