Blood Orange @ Pianos, CMJ Music Marathon

Devonte' Hynes is Blood Orange.  He is also Lightspeed Champion.  Regardless of his stage name, Dev is a multi-talented songwriter, composer and musician from the UK whose new moniker, Blood Orange, is a fresh sound of pop and surf.  Apparently a photographer and two older attendees, clearly there for the alcohol and not the music, were questioning Dev's appearance and instantly wrote off his abilities.  Dev proved them wrong.  His show at Pianos, as part of the Terrible Records showcase, was an energetic display of melodramatic lyrics and bouncy beats.

Equipped with his guitar and black Macbook, Dev seamlessly guided through a storybook of songs, most of which would cause one to dance; he did take the time to ask for the lights to be turned down for a more tender song.  Overall, I was very impressed with his new sound, which is a clear departure from the folky, complex Lightspeed Champion.  Unfortunately, since another organization was already capturing video of the CMJ shows at Pianos, I did not get any video of the performance; next time.  But do check out the Blood Orange videos, here and here, from my good friends at 'Sup Mag.

Below are some pics from the Blood Orange show and a video from the Lightspeed Champion set at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as part of the AAM Day Party:


Blood Orange @ Pianos, CMJ Music Marathon Blood Orange @ Pianos, CMJ Music Marathon Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 27, 2009 Rating: 5
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