Gentle Ghost

On a much brighter note, I saw the debut live performance of Norman's Gentle Ghost this past Friday at the Opolis. Gentle Ghost is the brainchild of multi-talented Sethy McCarroll, who is lead vocals and guitar for the band; his band mates include Becky Carman on keyboards, Brady Smith on guitar, Jared Fleming on drums and Scott Harper on bass/vocals. A departure from McCarroll's previous sounds (Student Film, Umbrellas, Toil and Trouble), Gentle Ghost embodies the post-rock sound of Mogwai/Explosions in the Sky and the ingenuity of Deerhunter. McCarroll's vocals are raw and emotional which compliment the sound of the music very well. The show was brief but I was really impressed with the sound and energy, especially with their opening track "Monarch Pass"; a great opening song to any show. I am a big fan of live music, especially when it has surpassed its respected studio track; Gentle Ghost achieved this and I was very delighted with their show. I can' wait to see them play again.

Gentle Ghost Gentle Ghost Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 01, 2009 Rating: 5
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