Modern 'til Midnight

I keep looking forward to upcoming concerts and they are still months away. I finally heard word from the Modern Museum in Ft. Worth in regards to details of Dan Deacon's scheduled performance. Apparently he is performing during an event called Modern 'til Midnight which includes "world-class artwork" and "unique performances". To call Dan Deacon's show "unique" is for the most part, an understatement. I would be surprised if more than a quarter of those attending actually know who he is. Anyone, I cannot wait to finally see him perform shall be grand.

I have also decided to forgo the Crystal Castles concert due to lack of transportation and will also attend the Yacht/Chairlift show as opposed to the Ra Ra Riot/Passion Pit I had previously agreed to see. Also announced was another local including Norman's own Umbrellas and OKC's Student Film; I have an obligation as a friend to attend this show. Not to mention that they both produce quality music and do a great job on their live show and sound reproduction.

One great thing to come out today was Shadow Dancer's Golden Traxe on Boys Noize Records. As my cousin Collin put it, they have gotten better since being added to Boys Noize. The album is put together really well and includes a great variety of electronic sound. You can find everything from a heavy banger sound ("Landlines") to sample-filled dance tracks ("Loader"); the album opens with their most widespread track "Poke" and is a good indicator of how the album plays out. Worth the listen if you like some good ole electronic music.

Modern 'til Midnight Modern 'til Midnight Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 23, 2009 Rating: 5
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