Little Joy Brings Big Joy To Ears

When members of a successful band decide to go out on their own, I usually all but write them off. I know this is a ridiculous practice because many solo acts that came from successful bands have had great success. This was apparent when the Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. went on his own and created two very good albums. Now this can also be said about Fabrizio Moretti's new band, Little Joy. Not cut from the same mold as Hammond Jr. or the Strokes, Little Joy's self-titled debut focuses more on lighter, melodic music opposed to guitar driven tracks. There are exceptions like Keep Me In Mind, whose sound is very Strokes-esque minus Casablanca's vocals. The album is very easy to listen to and I found myself replaying it multiple times. Fortunately, Little Joy will be making a stop at the Conservatory in OKC on 11/25/08 and I will definitely be in attendance.

Little Joy Brings Big Joy To Ears Little Joy Brings Big Joy To Ears Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on November 13, 2008 Rating: 5
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