In case I don't see you...

...good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.

I said last Thursday that I would post videos of the Bishop Allen concert at the Opolis but I have yet to edit them. My camera does not do a great job with low lighting and I need a program to alter the brightness. I did get the entire gig, mostly songs from their upcoming album, Grrr..., but also some of their fan favorites. I should have gotten some video of their opener An Horse; an Aussie duo with an excellent sound. Though they only used drums and guitar, they created a much fuller sound than one might expect. They probably had more people dancing and moving around than Bishop Allen did. Both were fantastic.

As soon as I get the videos up on YouTube, I'll post one or two on here. Until then, you can always visit MTC's YouTube and see what I've taken in the past.

In case I don't see you... In case I don't see you... Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on November 09, 2008 Rating: 5
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