What Would I Be Listening to if...

...I never listened to the Strokes?

There was something about this New York quintet that struck a nerve in my brain that altered by perception of music forever. Until I heard the Strokes' single "Last Nite", I was sadly engrossed in the musical stylings of Slipknot, Mudvayne, Eminem and Dr. Dre; albeit Eminem and Dre are very talented, the truth is that their music can sometimes be hard to casually listen to without getting bored of the repetitive lyrics and beats. In a way, the Strokes saved me. They saved me from mainstream mediocrity and turned me to indie music, the definition of musical originality. Thank you Strokes...make another record soon.

I had the fortunate luck to see the Strokes in March of 2004. It was a hell of a show, especially since it was at the modestly-sized Bricktown Events Center. They opened their set with "New York City Cops", a song that many of the bandwagon Strokes fans thought was a new song; no, it was a b-side to "Hard to Explain" and was also released on the imported version of Is This It?. Classic intro to say the very least.

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