Best Live Acts: English Edition

I have been going to large scale arena shows since I was in middle school; and yes, that was to Garth Brooks. And to be quite honest, Garth set the standard pretty high since he is no slouch at showmanship. I was presented to the large scale arena rock show with a surprise birthday gift to see KISS (Reunion Tour '96); again, the bar was set very high. I have also attended the 10th largest concert in the United States via Blockbuster Rock Fest at Texas Motor Speedway (385,000). But these shows were great by their scale and theatrics but some of my favorite gigs to date have been more recent and by contrast, much more intimate.

So here we go:

1. Muse: come on now. These guys still provide the light shows and epic guitar riffs but I have yet to see them at a large festival with their grandiose stage setup. Nevertheless, the top my list by sheer music ability and energetic performances.

"Stockholm Syndrome" Riff by Muse @ Edgefest 16

2. Radiohead: these guys are a must-see when it comes to live music. A staple in international acts since the early-mid 90's, the powerhouse known as Radiohead provide a auditory spectrum of sound put to an equally appealing visual presence.

"Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead @ Center

3. The Cribs: not as well known as the aforementioned bands but still create a fun and captivating live show. The brothers Jarman play simple but energetic music that is easy to sing to but even easier to dance to. They're a good time.

"Martell" by the Cribs @ the Loft

4. Bloc Party: pretty much the same as the Cribs but with the occasional slowed down moments and larger musical variance.

"This Modern Love" by Bloc Party @ House of Blues, Dallas

5. British Sea Power: not the same fun, melodic sound as the Cribs and Bloc Party but a band with a lot of raw energy and great talent.

"Waving Flags" by British Sea Power @ Norman Music Festival

*all videos courtesy of the MTC youtube account.
Best Live Acts: English Edition Best Live Acts:  English Edition Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on September 29, 2008 Rating: 5
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