Cheap Trick @ Pecan Grove West Park, Sherman, TX

Words and photos by Duane Clawson
Cheap Trick in concert, fireworks, a 4th of July celebration, in a new state and town? Yes! But mother nature says, “hold my beer, I have other plans!” July 3rd was setting up to be an epic night, celebrating America’s 246th birthday in the North Texas town of Sherman. Almost three hours prior to Cheap Trick’s scheduled start time, foldable chairs had already began to fill the lawn in front of a portable stage set up in Pecan Grove West Park. Business was brisk for vendors selling liquid refreshments on this warm evening in the Lone Star state.

Prior to showtime I sought refuge from the heat in the shade of a merch table tent. With a couple of hours to go before the show, I saw Cheap Trick founder and guitarist extraordinaire, Rick Nielsen, shuffling around behind the stage. Gesturing a fanning motion with his hand, in the direction of some fans, I do not think he is a fan of this southern heat either. As I am unpacking my camera gear, I notice the music through the PA has grown louder, and the skies to the west darkening. I better make my way to the stage! Trying their best to beat the brewing natural forces, the band is going on an hour early.

No matter the time it is always a special moment when you see older rock stars take the stage! To hear the first chords of “Hello There” and feel lead singer Robin Zander’s passion for performing never gets old! Unfortunately, this show would be cut short by the only thing more thunderous than Tom Petersson’s twelve string bass, the fury of nature. Being somewhat of a weather nerd, I felt this show was not going to end well. I packed up my cameras and made my way to car, as drummer Daxx Nielsen began pounding out the opening to “Big Eyes.”

Their abbreviated setlist included “Lookout” and “Stiff Competition”, seemingly referencing the impending meteorological forecast. From time-to-time Cheap Trick has been known to interject a comical element into the music. Whether planned or unplanned I found it humorous they ended their shortened seven song set with “Ain’t That a Shame.” From the safety of my car, I heard the echo of the MC saying the show could not continue due to the conditions and to safely leave the festival grounds! As the heavens proceed to drop buckets of liquid, looking to the north I catch a flash of pyrotechnics. Kudos to the city of Sherman as they made the best of an unpleasant situation by proceeding with their fireworks show!

Thanks to Cheap Trick for allowing MTC MAG to document this all too fleeting moment in the band’s history!

Photos of the show are below:

Contributed by Duane Clawson

Cheap Trick @ Pecan Grove West Park, Sherman, TX Cheap Trick @ Pecan Grove West Park, Sherman, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on July 05, 2023 Rating: 5
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