Larkin Poe / Zach Person @ the Echo Lounge & Music Hall, Dallas, TX

Words and photos by Duane Clawson
A few years back, after reviewing Larkin Poe’s show in St. Louis, I knew I would be back for more! When I saw the Lovell sisters were coming to Dallas, I certainly wasn’t going to miss going back for seconds. I wish I had something earth shattering to report but all my previous accolades still ring true. But there were two notable items that stood out: the siblings have become even more polished as musicians and the audience was noticeably more diverse.

Opening the night was a very impressive, young man from Texas, Zach Person. Person describes his sound as blues but there’s an underlying funky vibe that strongly resembles that of Lenny Kravitz. With drummer Jake Wyble keeping time, Person concentrates fully on making his guitar sing. In 2021 he released his first full length album that is packed with nuggets including a revamped version of the classic, “All Shook Up”. For a more intimate look at Zach and Jake, be sure to watch their performance on the YouTube series, Jam in the Van. An internet search of his name reveals he’s a musician that’s been a lot of places but still has places to go.

With Person laying a nice musical foundation, a packed Echo Lounge was salivating for more! In a flash of strobes, Larkin Poe immediately began feeding their need! In a bold move the dominance was established with three songs from their latest album, Blood Harmony. As the night progresses one notices how appropriate the title is. The sisters never miss a note as they are continuously in-sync. The audience is often appreciative of their well-polished talents. With strong blues influences Megan and Rebecca pay homage to the great guitarist Son House, covering his “Preachin' Blues”. Throughout the night the Lovell’s are cordial and engaging with fans, often giving insight on how their songs came to be.

After photographing the first three songs, I found my way upstairs to the back of the Echo Lounge’s balcony. From this vantage point I took in the whole scene and absorbed the full effect of Larkin Poe. As much as their heavier songs appealed to me, I found a new appreciation of their harmonies during songs like, “Might as Well be Me”. Cementing my admiration for their vocal unity, the sisters encore minus instruments on “Deep Stays Down”. But the real treat was yet to come! As the band regroups for encore number two, a familiar face has joined the band. Well, familiar to those that know guitar players, Tyler Bryant! Tyler also happens to be Rebecca’s husband. Tonight, I’m winning!

Rebecca states that tonight has been a celebration of American music, there was resounding agreement from those in attendance! Also, this night was a pre-celebration of Mr. Bryant’s birthday and the introduction of his new pink Fender signature model Stratocaster affectionately known as “Pinky”. Putting a large exclamation point on the evening, Megan and Tyler trade licks while Rebecca sings the lyrics of Robert Johnson’s masterpiece, “Come On In My Kitchen”. So there you have it, a perfect night and the true definition of blood harmony! A big thanks to the Larkin Poe crew for having MTC MAG in the house and to the Echo Lounge for making it happen!
Photos of the show are below:

Zach Person
Larkin Poe
Contributed by Duane Clawson
Larkin Poe / Zach Person @ the Echo Lounge & Music Hall, Dallas, TX Larkin Poe / Zach Person @ the Echo Lounge & Music Hall, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on March 27, 2023 Rating: 5
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