Role Model @ Scoot Inn, Austin, TX

Words and photos by Patrick Le
Being my first show down in Austin, the Scoot’s Inn’s outdoor venue definitely took me by surprise with the change of scenery. Coming off two weekends in Coachella Valley, Tucker Pillsbury aka Role Model, played an eleven-song set, mainly showcasing his new album, Rx. Starting off the night with a three-rule introduction, the Maine native eagerly strutted onto stage opening up with the upbeat but candidly ironic tune, "if jesus saves, she’s my type". Throughout the entire set, the crowd impressed Tucker so much by singing every lyric word for word, he even complimented them as the best Texas city with their ecstatic energy. As the night went along and the sun started to set, well known classics like "hello!" and "blind" pleasantly rounded out Role Model’s distinct discography.

Photos of the show are below:

Contributed by Patrick Le
Role Model @ Scoot Inn, Austin, TX Role Model @ Scoot Inn, Austin, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on May 02, 2022 Rating: 5
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