The Wombats / courtship. / Nation of Language @ the Pageant, St. Louis, MO

Words and photos by Jack Adams
Kicking off 2018, The Pageant presents The Wombats with supporting acts Nation of Language and courtship. in support of their upcoming new album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. Bringing along support act, Nation Of Language, a poppy, post-punk band with their techno keyboard and their vocalist's smooth, 80's vocals was a fun and exciting opener to start the show off. Co-headliner, courtship., a heavily MGMT, Stevie Wonder-influenced band. With their groovy electric guitar with a nice crisp bass, electrifying keys and steady fat drums gave the audience a new taste of excitement. A crowd favorite was their recently released single, ''Perfect People''. The night was only getting started and would only continue to get wilder once The Wombats took the stage in support of their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin You're Life, currently on preorder now!

All the way from Liverpool, England, the Wombats' current tour only had sixteen dates but they made sure to leave their an impression on their show in St. Louis. A crowd favorite ''Give Me A Try'' brought a lot of energy to the crowd as they sung back to the band. A very energetic band including their bassist, Tord Knudsen, who was jumping all around making our jobs as photographers more interactive, which was my favorite part of the night! The lighting was phenomenal along with their stage presence and their enormous ''Beautiful People Will Ruin You're Life'' banner hanging behind the drums! My first time ever seeing The Wombats after only hearing a few songs played on 105.7 The Point, I was overall impressed with their tone, some very indie rock sounds I've never come across. I was also very impressed with their lead vocalist, Matthew Murphy, whose accent and delivery made for a great performance! To wrap it all up, The Wombats, along with their supporting acts, gave the audience a good night of music and hopefully they will return to STL another time in 2018!!

Photos of the show are below:

Nation of Language
The Wombats
Contributed by Jack Adams
The Wombats / courtship. / Nation of Language @ the Pageant, St. Louis, MO The Wombats / courtship. / Nation of Language @ the Pageant, St. Louis, MO Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on January 20, 2018 Rating: 5
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