Future Islands @ Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX

It's been a successful few years for the synth-pop trio from Baltimore known as Future Islands.  With the success of 2014's Singles and an unforgettable performance of "Seasons (Waiting on You)" on David Letterman, Future Islands have gone from playing Three Links in Dallas (capacity 125) to Deep Ellum's massive Bomb Factory (capacity 4,300) in a matter of three years; vocalist, Sam Herring, even made mention that this was probably the largest venue gig they have ever played in Texas.  While the balcony of the Bomb Factory was not sold, the couple of thousand in attendance were still a testament to a band who have released a handful of solid albums, including their latest effort The Far Field (produced by Dallas's own John Congleton), and have toured relentlessly, earning them the reputation as a fantastic live band.  This would hold true at the Bomb Factory.

Herring leads the charge onstage, vocally and visually, as he is the Energizer Bunny of the band, gyrating and fist-pumping across the stage, singing the fairest of notes to the deepest of growls.  The band started their 20-song set with three cuts from The Far Field: "Aladdin", "Beauty of the Road", and lead single, "Ran".  The energy is reciprocated from band to crowd and crowd to band all night long and reaches fever pitch during songs "Long Flight" and the aforementioned "Seasons".  The Dallas crowd showed their appreciation after "Seasons" with a solid minute of nonstop cheering and applause to which Herring held is hand over his heart and said "ya'll are fucking beautiful". While their live production is as minimal as it gets, you would be hard pressed to find a finer show in any town you go to.  They are definitely worth the price of admission.

Photos of the show are below:

Future Islands @ Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX Future Islands @ Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on September 17, 2017 Rating: 5
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