Julia Nunes @ Living Room Tour, Dallas, TX

Words and photos by Whitney Hensley
If you have ever fallen down an internet black hole, then you have undoubtedly come across Julia Nunes and her ukulele on Youtube.  What started as a girl playing songs in her bedroom for only family members to see, has now impressively amassed over 200,000 YouTube subscribers.  Having just completed a successful tour supporting the Mowglis, 50 guests and I had the privilege of seeing Julia perform in the intimate setting of her Living Room Tour.  In a dimly lit room, Julia works her way through most of the songs off of her album, Some Feelings.  Pausing halfway through her set, Julia did something that can only be achieved in the comfort of a living room show; she opened up to the floor for her fans to ask her anything and everything they wanted.  Julia and her bandmates took the time to individually answer each and every person that had a question for her.  Questions ranged from fun and quirky with one fan asking, “What was the most interesting sound effect you used on your album?”, to the very serious, “How did you find the courage to write such a vulnerable song like "Fondly Enough"?”.  After listening to Julia perform and watching her interact with her fans, I walked away with one overwhelming thought, “Julia Nunes is the exact type of artist I want to root for.”  Julia is a formidable DIY artist that isn’t afraid to step off the stage and into your living room.  You can catch Julia on her Living Room Tour through the end of May.  Some Feelings is available on both iTunes and Spotify.  Photos of the show are below:

 Contributed by Whitney Hensley

Julia Nunes @ Living Room Tour, Dallas, TX Julia Nunes @ Living Room Tour, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on May 08, 2016 Rating: 5
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