Boom 94.5 Music Festival @ Fair Park, Dallas, TX

Words by Scott Rowe.  Photos by Scott Rowe and Antonio

Boom 94.5 has been turning heads since it's inception last year with its blend of classic hip-hop and rap of yesteryear.  So it would be no surprise that the radio station would book artists of these genres to perform at their music festival located at Fair Park in Dallas.  What was surprising was the Louisiana link of the festival and the influence it had on the overall lineup.  With that said, half of the lineup were zydeco bands.  Not necessarily a bad thing but kind of random for a festival put on by a radio station that does not have zydeco bands on rotation.  It did blend well with the Cajun and soul food vendors who setup shop nearby.  Overall, I don't think many minded the genre mix but it was pretty clear, the rappers were the ones everybody came to see.

I got to Fair Park a little later than I would have liked but I was busy shooting an event in Plano.  So, when I arrived around four in the afternoon, I was kind of taken back when Antonio said that Juvenile had already performed.  For one of the main attractions to perform so early, it was a turnoff for some since they had planned that most of the rappers would perform later.  There were no set times listed, even for press, so I could sympathize with their frustrations.  But nonetheless, those who came to see the festival, were treated to a great mix of music, headlined by sets by Mystikal, Bun B, Juvenile, and Scarface.  Mystikal was pretty high-charged, ripping through an extensive catalog of this hits of the 2000's.  Bun B takes a slower approach to rhyming but still displays a lot of energy during his set.  Scarface is a different type of rapper, one who relies on clever lyrics and pin-point accuracy and execution.  The zydeco bands were great but, for me, were more of filler than anything else.  Mel Waiters and Sir Charles Jones brought the soul and lots of love for the crowd.  Overall, the festival was ran well, the music was great, oh, and there was a boxing match later that night.  I think people failed to mention or acknowledge that.  Photos of the festival are below:

Don Diego
Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws
Mel Waiters
Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers
Sir Charles Jones
Bun B
Boom 94.5 Music Festival @ Fair Park, Dallas, TX Boom 94.5 Music Festival @ Fair Park, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on May 12, 2015 Rating: 5
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