TV on the Radio / Nostalghia @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX

Concerts can be quite the experience.  The crowd.  The venue.  The auditory and visual sensations.  The buzzing and rumble from the bass.  The sweat and glee from dancing to your favorite songs being played right in front of you.  It can all be complicated and overwhelming sometimes.  I knew going into the first of two nights for TV on the Radio at the Granada Theater, that I was in for a treat.  Having seen the band twice before and immensely enjoying both experiences, I had high expectations going into the show.  From my point of view, they were right on point, performing a spectacular show to the Dallas audience.  So, it boggled my mind reading the next day when one reviewer said they "played a mediocre show".  There was no "through the motions" at this show.  I don't think TV on the Radio understands the phrase.

Before TVOTR took the Granada stage, their tour opener, Nostalghia, gave a pretty nice warmup set.  Nostalighia is a pretty different kind of band, one you wouldn't necessarily think of as an opener for TV on the Radio.  Vocalist Ciscandra Nostalghia led the moody atmosphere with screeching vocals and modern dance moves.  After their set, all eyes were set on the stage, awaiting the members of TV on the Radio.  Once onstage, all bets were off.  Opening with the great track, "Young Liars", it was obvious that the night was going to be a good one.  This is where the review that says the show was "mediocre" just doesn't fit.  Tunde and Kyp are the main visual attractions of TVOTR during their live sets and nothing said they were just "going through the motions".  Tunde in his dancing motions and flicking hand movements was in fine form while Kyp played the cool part, hitting every note and playing every chord with perfection.  In all honesty, this is where TV on the Radio shines.  Live.  Their studio tracks may sound great but their live show kicks them up a notch.  "Wolf Like Me" soars and completely leaves you drained and others like "Lazerray", "Province", and "DLZ" were above and beyond better than their studio counterparts.  Ending the show with "Staring at the Sun" was the perfect choice.  It left you satisfied yet wanting more.  Overall, a fantastic show and anything but mediocre.  Photos of the show are below:

TV on the Radio
TV on the Radio / Nostalghia @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX TV on the Radio / Nostalghia @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on March 25, 2015 Rating: 5
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