Yuck @ Good Records, Dallas, TX

It was almost three years to the day I last saw Yuck.  The first time, they were opening for the Smith Westerns at the Loft.  I just happened to hear a preview of their album days before that show and I became super excited to see them live.  They did not disappoint.  So much so, I felt bad for the Smith Westerns, because they were a tough act to follow.  Much has changed since that show.  Lead singer Daniel Blumberg left the band last year, hence promoting lead guitarist Max Bloom as the new lead vocalist.  He doesn't pack the same punch as Blumberg but the band as a whole still sounds as solid as ever.  Just a little toned down.  Before their set at Tree's, the band made time to grace the Astroturf at Good Records.  Playing just five songs, four from last year's Glow & Behold, the band sounded tight and loud.  Ending with "Operation", one of my faves from their self-titled debut, you could tell the spark was still there, it had only altered a bit.  Their new stuff is pretty good as well.  

Pictures and a video of the show are below:
Yuck @ Good Records, Dallas, TX Yuck @ Good Records, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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