Eleanor Friedberger @ City Tavern, Dallas, TX

It was hot and humid upstairs at City Tavern as Eleanor Friedberger and her band assembled their gear onstage.  The modest crowd of thirty or so were waiting patiently for Eleanor after a pretty nice performance by TEEN; outside of the loudest cymbals ever.  City Tavern provides an intimate venue for any performance and was a nice choice for this particular show.  Many shows swing for the fences in hopes the crowds might show up but you ultimately get treated to a half-empty venue and no real connection to the artist.  This night felt different.

Eleanor was obviously feeling the effects of a recent illness, as she continually apologized for the loss of her voice, even mentioning the chance of a condensed show.  But she held like a champ and performed a solid, complete set.  She did an amazing job.  The songs were jovial and the band's performance was very clean and fun.  The bulk of the set included tracks from Personal Record, a few cuts from Last Summer, and couple covers, including an ode to Dallas.  The set was topped off with an excellent performance of "My Mistakes" in which Eleanor calming walked off stage as her band continued the song's joyful sound.  It was a great night with a great performance.  Photos of the show are below:


Eleanor Friedberger @ City Tavern, Dallas, TX Eleanor Friedberger @ City Tavern, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on July 01, 2013 Rating: 5
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