Jump Starts Listening Party @ R&R Music Labs, St. Louis, MO

Word and pictures by Duane Clawson
A few years back, I moved to the St. Louis area from BFE Ohio.  In that move, I lost some of the small town ways I had been accustomed to for some 35 years.  Things such as backyard barbecues and spontaneous get-togethers just don’t happen like they did in Bugtussle, Ohio. In the madness of city life, it’s good to find a down home feeling in the backyard of R&R Music Labs.  A few months back, I attended a listening party at R&R and had a great time meeting new folks, seeing familiar faces, getting to talk intimately with some of the areas talent, and eating some great food.  R&R appears to have found a great way to promote local artist and decided to do it again with a listening party for the Jump Starts new album What Hides Inside.  The Ryans at R&R added a bit extra to this listening party by providing some Urban Chestnut beer and taking donations to fund a vinyl pressing of the new Jump Starts album.

It was a real pleasure to meet Jump Starts members, Justin Johnson (guitar/vocals) and Sarah Ross (drums/vocals), in this informal setting and getting to talk with them about the new album.  A couple of years back Justin and Sarah were co-workers and soon found out that each had a passion for performing music. Justin was already on his way as an established area musician as the frontman of the band Pretty Little Empire.  Sarah and Justin have really come in to their own over the past couple of years, as this new album clearly demonstrates.  After hearing their first album I can say with confidence What Hides Inside is a definite improvement and a better representation of what this band is about.  R&R Music Labs has a knack for bringing out the best in local bands and this recording is no exception.  In this crock pot of musical goodness you’ll find a plethora of musical gems.

The opening track entitled “Carryin On” or as I call it, the “Whoa” song, sets the tone as Justin and Sarah’s harmonies are featured throughout this song and album.  'Bah, nah nah’s and bah doop’s' blend nicely with an acoustic guitar and double taps on a snare drum on the albums second selection, “Don’t Need Much”.  The next track to catch ones ear on What Hides Inside is the spooky “Lord Who Knows”, an eerie combination of Justin’s take on Spanish guitar and Sarah’s breathy, backing vocals make this song a must listen . If Dire Straits would have been a two-piece band, they would have sounded like track six on this recording, “Stuck”.  “Stuck” deals with the age old dilemma of 'God I’d love to get out of this town but how do I do it'.  As one digs deep in to this album you’ll find styles of music that shouldn’t go together such as in song number nine, “Stop Guessing”. Bits of lounge keyboard and hippies shaking tambourines gel nicely to complete this Frankenstein creation.  Country tones flood tune number ten, “Written on the Water”, and showcase the Jump Starts' ability to cover all genres of music.

The Jump Starts appear to have gotten everything right on this album including the title and if you don’t listen to this album, you’ll never truly know What Hides Inside.  Thanks to our good friends at R&R Music Labs and the Jump Starts for the invite.   Pictures of the event are below:

Contributed by Duane Clawson
Jump Starts Listening Party @ R&R Music Labs, St. Louis, MO Jump Starts Listening Party @ R&R Music Labs, St. Louis, MO Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 08, 2012 Rating: 5
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