British Sea Power / Colourmusic @ the Loft

photos by Duane Clawson, video and words by Scott
It was a reunion of sorts as Oklahoma's Colourmusic and England's British Sea Power joined forces for the first time since sharing the bill during the inaugural Norman Music Festival in Norman, OK.  The Loft provided a much more intimate feel to the wide open stage on Main Street in Norman, but the energy by both bands were as high as ever.

Colourmusic played new material from their upcoming debut LP, My ____ is Pink, to an attentive yet modest crowd.  As the many times I've seen them perform, their energy has never been a disappointment.  From jumping wildly to playing their instruments from the ground, the band always makes the most of their performances and leaves nothing to interpretation.  Though their set was shorter than I would have liked, their set was well accepted and was a great warm up for British Sea Power.

I unfortunately missed most of A Classic Education's set but what I did hear was really good.  I'll have to make sure I catch them next time.  As for British Sea Power, I had lofty expectations after seeing them in NMF.  At that performance, you could tell the band was elated to be performing for thousands of festival goers as opposed to the more intimate venues they perform on their own.  Even though hearing the band's tech saying, "they play to much bigger crowds in the UK", the band performed a rather great set.  Performing many tracks from their most recent effort, Valhalla Dancehall, the set was pretty straightforward with minimal banter and not much as in theatrics.  But that's never a problem when your music speaks for itself.  Of course, the crowd responded best to their older tracks, especially "No Lucifer" and "Waving Flags".  It was an unexpected treat for me to see them again and in such an intimate space but I was just as satisfied as the first time I saw them.  Pictures and video of the performance are below:

British Sea Power

British Sea Power / Colourmusic @ the Loft British Sea Power / Colourmusic @ the Loft Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on April 26, 2011 Rating: 5
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