Video: Mumford and Sons @ House of Blues

Similar to my recent post with Atlas Sound at Le Poisson Rouge, I continue to come across unrendered footage of shows from last year.  Through my search, I found a handful of songs by folk sensations, Mumford and Sons, from their show last June at the House of Blues' Cambridge Room.  My first impressions of Mumford, to which I had little knowledge prior to the show, was that they put on one hell of a show, even if it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea.  Since that performance, they have made a pretty solid name for themselves in the U.S., a feet that is not commonly done these days by British bands.  Nonetheless, here is a performance of their song "Roll Away Your Stone", performed with openers the Middle East; this was also their last show with the Middle East, so the performance was especially electric near the end of the song.

Video: Mumford and Sons @ House of Blues Video:  Mumford and Sons @ House of Blues Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on January 08, 2011 Rating: 5
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