The Morning Benders @ Cameo Gallery

What can I say?  I cannot get enough of these guys.  Their latest effort, Big Echo, is chalk full of goodness.  Seriously, I can leave "Excuses" on repeat all day long and it would be a good day.  After getting a taste of their live show at Market Hotel opening for Surfer Blood, I knew I had to see what they had to offer at Cameo Gallery for their album-release show.  They definitely had a better-sounding, well-rounded set at Cameo; for those who were at Market Hotel, they did not disappoint this time, as they ended their seven-song set with "Excuses".  Set list was as such:

Cold War
Wet Cement
Hand Me Downs
Pleasure Sighs
All Day Day Light

Overall, their set was pretty solid, providing a great insight to Big Echo and showcasing their indie pop sound that has gripped New York and beyond.  Videos of the show are below:

The Morning Benders @ Cameo Gallery The Morning Benders @ Cameo Gallery Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on March 09, 2010 Rating: 5
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