The Soft Pack @ Cake Shop

Do you ever notice that some good things come from bad situations?  Example:  standing in a crowded bar, no bigger than my studio space, waiting with a hundred other people to see the Soft Pack perform a free show was not an ideal situation but it was a good choice nonetheless.  I give a lot of kudos to the staff at Cake Shop for playing the hand they were dealt; an overcrowded bar area with minimal space to move and an impatient crowd.  Yet patience is a virtue and those who stuck it out found a prize at the end of the rainbow.

The San Diego four-piece (formerly the Muslims) charged out of the gates, performing "C'Mon", the first track off their self-titled debut album that was released earlier this week.  With a surf-infused garage sound, it's no wonder how popular these guys are with their catchy tunes and memorable lyrics.  The band ended up performing seven of the ten tracks off of their debut release, excluding the tracks "Move Along", Flammable" and "Mexico".  Outside of The Soft Pack tracks, they also performed "Extinction", "Bright Side", "Right and Wrong" and "Beside Myself" from The Muslims EP; "Faith Man", from The Soft Pack 12", was also performed.  But the band also included a special treat for the Cake Shop faithful, covering Phoenix's "Fences" near the end of their set; for those who have heard it, it's different but still good.  Here is the set list for the show:

Down On Loving
Answer to Yourself
Bright Side
Right and Wrong
Tides of Time
Beside Myself
More or Less
Faith Man
Pull Out

With only having a modest amount of exposure to the Soft Pack's music, I was very impressed with their live performance.  Their sound was crisp and they seemed to have a good time; not only did the band have a good time but they embraced the intimate Cake Shop and tried their best to make sure everybody else did as well.  I speak for myself when I say 'job well done'.  Videos from the performance can be found below:

Update: All videos are uploaded for the time being. More might find their way onto the MTC YouTube Channel.

The Soft Pack @ Cake Shop The Soft Pack @ Cake Shop Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 06, 2010 Rating: 5
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