The Yummy Fur w/ Bishop Allen @ Market Hotel

After more than a decade since the group disbanded in 1999, the indie group the Yummy Fur finally landed in the States to perform its first show in New York.  Fronted by singer/guitarist John McKeown (of the 1990's) and drummer Paul Thomson (of Franz Ferdinand), the group reunited to perform its first shows in the U.S. promoting the release of a greatest hits compilation.  Set in the makeshift Market Hotel, the headliner was preceded by the Surprisers, McDonalds,  German Measles and Bishop Allen.  The Surprisers were surprisingly good, McDonalds were spastic and loud, the German Measles had a lot of problems and Bishop Allen were top notch.  As having seen Bishop Allen twice before, I would have had to say that this was the best performance of theirs I've seen to date.

After a long break, the band from Glasgow finally took stage to finish their sound check and readied themselves for their set.  Introduced by Kevin from What's Your Rupture?, the band jumped into "Career Saver"; their music is definitely a throwback, a combination of lo-fi punk and British pop rock.  It was a lot of fun.  Highlights of the show include performances of their singles "Sexy World", "Policeman" and their closer "Shoot the Ridiculant"; they ended their show with the encore number "Documentary of a Kid".  All in all, I thought their show was very good despite the gloomy atmosphere of Market Hotel and its average sound quality.  Below are videos of Bishop Allen and the headliners, the Yummy Fur:

The Yummy Fur w/ Bishop Allen @ Market Hotel The Yummy Fur w/ Bishop Allen @ Market Hotel Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on January 18, 2010 Rating: 5
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