NMF 2009: Three Weeks and Counting

Less than three weeks remain until the 2nd Annual Norman Music Festival and I simply cannot wait. I spent a good part of last year's festival roaming around as the music played, stopping to check out vendors and hanging out with friends. I did watch stop and watch Umbrellas, Evangelicals, British Sea Power and the Polyphonic Spree perform but will definitely be more attentive this year's main stage. of Montreal is a musical pleasure and the definition of showmanship, with their elaborate stage setups with masked and/or costumed extras creating a storyline to the music. The Starlight Mints will be this year's Chainsaw Kittens; local rock stars who will provide a perfect compliment to their headlining counterparts. Man Man and the Black Angels will provide more alternative music to the main stage, showcasing very different styles of music ranging from psychedelic to experimental. I'm also looking forward to another homegrown product in Stillwater's the Other Lives; I have recently started listening to this band and have found them quite enjoyable. Part folk, part classical; all Oklahoman. I will also be looking forward to another set by Norman's Gentle Ghost. I really enjoyed their debut show but have since not been able to see them again. The Opolis stage will be their venue for NMF.

To compliment NMF, I have tentatively scheduled these shows:

  4.03 Umbrellas/Student Film @ Opolis, Norman
  4.18 Dan Deacon @ Modern Art Museum, Ft. Worth
  4.25 NMF 2009 @ Main Street, Norman (FREE)
  5.18 TV on the Radio @ Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City
  6.14 Animal Collective @ Prospect Park, Brooklyn
  9.24 U2/Muse @ Giants Stadium, East Rutherford
  9.25 U2/???? @ Giants Stadium, East Rutherford
10.19 U2 @ Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Norman

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