Gorilla vs. Bear 7: Chromatics @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX

Words and photos by Scott Rowe
I got excited when I saw on Instagram that Chromatics would be going on a full-fledged tour, despite not touring on an actual release.  You all probably know the story regarding Dear Tommy, the followup album to the band's 2012 critically-acclaimed album, Kill For Love, which has yet come to fruition.  It's backstory is so complex, it probably needs its own daytime TV show to get through all of the drama.  Dear Tommy was not released in 2015 and apparently has changed its shape and form multiple times by mastermind Johnny Jewel.  Fast forward four years, still no Dear Tommy but the band has released some much-wanted new content, but the fact remains that the band has the catalog and the fanbase to tour with no release.  But the new music is much desired.

So, when I saw Chromatics planned a stop in Dallas, I had two questions.  Is it a Gorilla vs. Bear show? And is it at the Granada Theater?  And to my most lack of surprise, both were true.  Let's face it.  Chromatics + Gorilla vs. Bear + Granada Theater = match made in heaven.  I've seen Chromatics three times, all by the grace of GvsB and at the Granada Theater.  It just makes sense at this point.  With the seventh installment of the GvsB festival, the Chris Cantalini-curated lineup featured fellow Italians Do It Better alum, Desire and In Mirrors, as well as Helena Deland, Lou Rebecca, and Lisel.

While the festival was good, introducing me to a few artists I had not heard before and giving me the opportunity to see Desire and In Mirrors live for the first time, I was here for Chromatics and the bulk of the crowd was too.  Much like their previous shows, the band revs up the crowd with their thumping hit, "Tick of the Clock".  There's something to be said about an artist whose music is great in studio but is amazing live.  Chromatics falls into this category.  "Tick of the Clock" really comes to life, pushing its way through the audience and throughout the historic Lower Greenville theater.  Their setlist pulls heavily from Kill For Love and Night Drive, featuring wonderful tracks like "Back From the Grave", "I Want Your Love", "Kill For Love" and the amazing live version of "These Streets Will Never Look the Same".  The band's list of covers are diverse and also amazing in their own right, such as Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" and the set-closing "Running Up That Hill", by the one and only, Kate Bush.  The performance was on par with the other Chromatics shows, leaving everyone tired and sweaty and only wanting more.

Photos of the show are below:

Gorilla vs. Bear 7: Chromatics @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX Gorilla vs. Bear 7: Chromatics @ Granada Theater, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on May 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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