Jenny Lewis @ Canton Hall, Dallas, TX

Words and photos by Scott Rowe
Jenny Lewis came into Canton Hall in Deep Ellum, Dallas with an agenda: sing songs and take control of the venue.  And that she did.  Riding high on her latest effort, the critically-acclaimed On The Line, Lewis, donned in a full-length, sequined dress and red locks, held church within the resurgent venue.  Making her first trip to Dallas in half a decade, she charmed the audience with superior songwriting and minimal banter.  She has made a name for herself with creating wonderful music with fantastically-written lyrics, drawing in the crowd with sly smiles and aesthetically-pleasing flair.  The music was amazingly crafted, leaving everyone within the Canton walls in awe, wanting more.  But for 90 minutes, Lewis delivered a solid set that would have pleased most.

Photos of the show are below:
Jenny Lewis @ Canton Hall, Dallas, TX Jenny Lewis @ Canton Hall, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on April 08, 2019 Rating: 5
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