Album Review: The Bad Testament by Scott H. Biram

Words by Duane Clawson; photo provided by artist
Having seen Scott H. Biram live a couple of years ago at The Firebird in St. Louis made me come to expect great things from this multifaceted performer.  But I was certainly not prepared for what arrived in my inbox today; a copy of Scott’s latest album from Bloodshot Records, The Bad Testament.  Pouring a glass of my favorite beverage, I typed in the code that unlocked what might be Biram’s finest effort to date.  Songs like the album’s second track, “Still Around”, make you feel like you like you’re standing in the middle of Prairie Lea, Texas, during the 1860’s.  Making you feel is a Biram specialty, as the album’s third cut, “Red Wine”, dives headlong into a man’s journey through loneliness and the vices that see him through to the other side.  Mr. Biram revisits his punk roots in “TrainWrecker”, a 2-minute and 36-second tour de force departure from his Texas blues-based roots.  “Righteous Ways” could in effect be Biram’s theme song, as yet again he makes you feel through his lyrics, “I am a pilgrim, I’m a drifter, I’m a gypsy, I’m a tool”.  Emotions that everyone feels from time to time, as they try to find a place in this life.

Summoning his inner John Prine, Biram shows off his songwriting abilities in, “Crippled & Crazy", a possible biopic of his 2003 collision with a semi and near death experience!  The brief but heartfelt, “Feels So Wrong”, finds Biram shuffling his way around the planet to reconnect with a lost love.  As with most Biram albums, there is at least one nod to some sort of spiritual guidance and this album is no exception.   The harmony and tambourine of “True Religion” immediately take you to a small church, in the middle of nowhere USA.  The last three tracks on this album, “Hit the River”, “Pressing On”, and “What Doesn’t Kill You….” show off Scott H. Biram’s prowess as a one-man band, and most importantly, his skills as a top-notch guitar picker.  No matter what your tastes, Biram has something for ya!  Thanks to Bloodshot Records for sharing this great album and make sure to pick up your copy on 2/24/17 from the aforementioned Bloodshot Records.

Contributed by Duane Clawson
Album Review: The Bad Testament by Scott H. Biram Album Review: <i>The Bad Testament</i> by Scott H. Biram Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 06, 2017 Rating: 5
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