Photos: Big Folkin' Fest @ Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX

Over the course of two days, plenty of folks had a folkin' good time at the venues of the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum, Dallas.  The event was well-attended, with crowds amassing the three indoor stages both days and the outdoor space on Saturday.  It didn't matter if you were well-versed in folk, the schedule of performances surely had something for you.  Only in their third year, the Big Folkin' Fest has a bright future and a definite niche in the North Texas festival season.  I tried to make it to each set to get a taste of each band's music, but I missed out on a couple late night performances on Friday.  I also had to skip out early on Saturday to take care of a sick wife.  But I had a lot of fun and you should go ahead and make plans to attend next year.  I promise it will be a good time.

Photos from both days are below:

Day One
Birds of Night
 Teresa Marie
 The Scrips
 Wesley Geiger
 Great Escape
 The Single Issues
Loyal Sally
 The Southern Renaissance
 Hares on the Mountain

Day Two
Earnest Matthew
 The Venetian Sailors
 Aaron Long
 Big City Folk
 Cactus Jack & His Band of Outlaws
 Pearl Street Riot
The Ministries


Whiskey Folk Ramblers
  Rania Khoury & the Stone Wolves
 Shotgun Friday
Fortune Field
Parallel Play
Frontier Ruckus
Photos: Big Folkin' Fest @ Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX Photos: Big Folkin' Fest @ Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on April 04, 2014 Rating: 5
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