Cody ChesnuTT / Larry g(EE) @ Belmont Hotel, Dallas, TX

The Barefoot at the Belmont series, which is presented by 91.7 KXT, is definitely a special experience.  An unmatched backdrop of the Dallas skyline from the Belmont Hotel along with the unique, quality musicians make for an intimate performance that is without comparison in the DFW area.  It's a rare treat these days to get up close and personal with your favorite artists, but the Barefoot does just that.  It's also very cool to see these artists perform outside of their element:  solo performances with little or no backing band, acoustic where electric should go, improvised material, and real onstage banter with the crowd, although there is no stage.  It's probably how musicians and concert goers would choose to have it.

Leading off the day's performances was Dallas native, Larry g(EE).  Known for his robust sound and lively stage shows, today's performance was all but that.  Only a sample of his band was on hand along with three backup singers.  Even Larry acknowledged the absence of his supporting cast and that most of the pieces would be a shadow of themselves.  Despite the stripped down sound, Larry and company were still very lively.  Larry belted out every note as if it were his last and connected with the audience as often as possible.  It was a good show but you really need to check out a show with his full band.  That's where it's at.

After a short intermission, a lone green chair was placed where Larry once stood.  Out came a lone fellow with a blue military helmet, used to "fight to keep the soul alive", and a guitar in hand.  Nothing flashy, pretty commonplace in fact.  Cody ChesnuTT was polite, gracious and was very pleased to be performing material off his latest effort, Landing on a Hundred, to the sold out Belmont audience.  When Cody sings, it's so buttery smooth, it's like honey for the ears.  Like most comparisons, it screams Marvin Gaye.  Even though his songs were stripped down to only vocals and guitar, you got a specialized version of the songs, some of which had never been performed this particular way.  A very personable guy, Cody talked casually with the Barefoot crowd and insisted on group singing through many of his songs.  I mean like every other song was a singalong orchestrated by ChesnuTT, with him smiling the entire way.  Beyond the spectacular performance, Cody seemed to be the coolest performer I've come across in some time.  Very modest, ever respectful.  Overall a wonderful show, a great crowd, and a very pleased blogger.  Photos of the show are below:

Larry g(EE)
Cody ChesnuTT
Cody ChesnuTT / Larry g(EE) @ Belmont Hotel, Dallas, TX Cody ChesnuTT / Larry g(EE) @ Belmont Hotel, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on August 17, 2013 Rating: 5
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