Album Review: Thick As Thieves by Cavo

Words by Duane Clawson
Two songs into the latest release, Thick As Thieves, from the St. Louis band, Cavo, I’m saying to myself, “I don’t care if the rest of this album sucks, the first two songs by themselves are review worthy.”  Real rock and roll is what this band is about and kudos to those who were able to capture this feeling during the recording process.  One of the first things I suggest to get the true benefits of this album, outfit yourself with a decent pair of headphones.  The bass lines will jump into your ears from the opening notes of the title track, “Thick as Thieves.”  If listening by headphones, you will also notice the beefed up recording process that finds little things such as the tapping of a drumstick on a hi-hat cymbal.  The second song from this album,”Give It Away”, will without a doubt find its way on to my iPod, as it's powerful backbeat will power me through at least three minutes and 22 seconds of my workout.  'A new beginning now', a lyric found in the song, “Hold Your Ground", could be used to define everything the band has overcome to put together this album.  “California” slows the pace of the album but not in a bad way.  It's still rock and roll to me.  “California” would sound best in 80 degree weather, an ocean breeze, and of course, in a convertible rolling up the PCH.  Throughout the song “Circles”, you get the feeling that the band is reassuring the listeners that it’s OK to travel outside of your comfort zone.

Track six, “Celebrity”, is receiving airplay in St. Louis due in part to a slick marketing campaign on the band's website.  The band has posted the phone numbers and web addresses of radio stations in major markets so you call in and request the band’s music.  “Never Gonna Hurt” is a song that made me revisit a low point in my life and a commitment I made to myself was summed up in the chorus, 'It’s never gonna hurt like this again'.  Throughout their lives, men are taught to hide their feelings and Cavo sums up this feeling best on the song, “War Within."  As unfortunate as it is, almost every album has it’s low spot and as good as this album is, songs nine, “Last Day”, and ten, “Run”, are nothing more than pure filler.  The album finishes strong with “Southern Smile”, a song that feels like a thunderstorm moving across a Kansas wheat field.  But this song also gives one hope that in the end, everything will be OK after the storm passes.  “Drive right through the Midwest storm” is the last line heard on this album.  Through personal tragedies, leaving a major record label, and a near breakup of the band, Cavo has certainly driven right through the storm only to come back stronger than ever with this Eleven Seven Music label release.  A special thanks to Jessica from Cavo’s PR team, 10th Street Entertainment, for dropping this album in my inbox.

Contributed by Duane Clawson
Album Review: Thick As Thieves by Cavo Album Review:  <i>Thick As Thieves</i> by Cavo Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on March 19, 2012 Rating: 5
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