Nosaj Thing @ Le Poisson Rouge

I'm gonna be quite honest with you, by the time I got to Le Poisson Rouge to see Jogger, Nosaj Thing, and Daedelus, I was pretty drained.  I did my fair amount of walking to see Findlay Brown and Memory Tapes, respectively, before I trekked my way back to Bleecker Street.  Since my travels on foot cost me time, I only got to watch minutes of Jogger's set; I was so focused on moving through the crowd,  that I didn't even pay attention until it was over.  Maybe next time.  But after a nice refreshment and finding as good a spot I could, I set my sights for Jason Chung, otherwise known as Nosaj Thing.

Again, I'm gonna be quite honest with you, I thought he killed it.  From the eerie opening until the first bass-filled notes of "Fog", Nosaj Thing really brought his A-game, hitting every note right on cue.  I found myself really getting into the set, bouncing my head to the beat while he punched button after button and twisted each knob as he pleased; the music really took over the space.  I'm a big fan of live electronic music because artists do not simply just push 'play' and let the track go, they manipulate each sound and mold each track into something unique.  Unfortunately, I only stayed for about forty-five minutes before deciding to leave but his set really let an impression on me.  I simply cannot wait until I have the chance to see him again.  Videos from the set are below:

Nosaj Thing @ Le Poisson Rouge Nosaj Thing @ Le Poisson Rouge Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 23, 2010 Rating: 5
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