Gonzales Interview @ Joe's Pub

Before the monumental piano battle between Gonzales and Andrew WK took place, I had the chance to sit down and ask Gonzales a few questions about his Guinness World Record performance, his stage show, preferences in audiences, et cetera. He was candidly honest and gave me plenty to work with. Very sure of himself and his abilities, you almost get an almost regal quality from the multi-talented artist/producer; he was a delight to talk with and was very congenial despite his 'villainous' demeanor. Look out for his cover of the Boys Noize/Erol Alkan release "Waves" and a soon to be named electro album (produced by Boys Noize). Below is my two part interview with Gonzales along with a couple Gonzales solo pieces, "Slow Down" and "Take Me to Broadway", and the performance of "What Is It This Time?" with Jamie Lidell:

Gonzales Interview @ Joe's Pub Gonzales Interview @ Joe's Pub Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 03, 2009 Rating: 5
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