Hello Again...From NYC

Hello everybody, sorry I have lost touch of my blog but I have been nonstop busy for the past week or so. I quit my job just over a week ago, packed up apartment in a weekend and moved to Ardmore for a week and now reside in New York City. That's right, I now live in NYC. It was a long time coming and it has finally transgressed. I have been here for only a couple of days but feel very comfortable. I was made for a larger city; just suits me.

Before leaving the great state of Oklahoma, I got to see TV on the Radio perform at Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. I had very high expectations for their show, as I had heard nothing but great things about their live show; I also love their music so it would be hard for me not to think they would be an excellent band to see. As being disappointed last Halloween when they canceled their OKC show for a Kansas City one, I was eager to finally see them play in a modest venue in the Diamond Ballroom; by the way Diamond Ballroom, have your girl at the window know what she's doing before she screws people on the waiting list because she doesn't know about the band's presale. Thanks Miss Ignorant. I digress. In short, TV on the Radio did not disappoint. They played most of their latest effort Dear Science, and favorites such as "Wolf Like Me" and "Staring at the Sun". The set was lively and full of energy, which was much appreciated since most larger acts seem to pass on Oklahoma. All in all, they were fantastic; on a side note, Little Dragon was a disappointment. I could not get into them at all.

Now that I am in NYC, I am looking forward to tons of great shows. The first collection of shows will be at the inaugural Northside Festival in Brooklyn. I don't know much about a lot of the bands playing but it will be a great experience to listen to a bunch of new bands. Always a plus to find new great music. For those who do not know yet, Muse have announced the name to their upcoming release...The Resistance. Sweet.

Hello Again...From NYC Hello Again...From NYC Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on May 26, 2009 Rating: 5
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