The D.O.C.: "Straight Outta Dallas" @ the Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX

There are shows and there are shows.  You're typical show may be special to a few, pleasing to some, and remembered by most.  But certains shows leave you in awe, give you all the feels, and are etched into the memory of everybody in attendance.  When a show like that comes around, it becomes a chapter in musical lore.  Almost a fairy tale.  When Tracy Curry, aka the D.O.C., of N.W.A. and solo fame announced a comeback show at the Bomb Factory in his home town of Dallas, the stars aligned and everybody in the DFW area knew this show was going to be huge.  Not only was this the D.O.C.'s first performance in over twenty years in Dallas, it was his resurgence to the rap scene that he had left a huge imprint on, before a tragic car accident took his voice away.  With a new voice and a new sound, the D.O.C. showed Dallas that he's not done yet and that a show like this can do more than bring fans together, it can bring a whole music community together.

Over the course of the evening, the Bomb Factory played host to a plethora of local rap talent including Buffalo Black, Laydee Savage, and Lil Tony.  It also included a performance by one of Dallas's most dynamic music group, not just rap, in A.Dd+ who brought some friends for an all-star performance with Sam Lao, Blue, the Misfit, -topic, Bobby Sessions, Buffalo Black, and Kool Quise.  From this moment on, the stage became a rotating door of Dallas rap heavyweights.  From Big Tuck to Fat Pimp, from Mr. Pookie to Dorrough, and from Lil Wil to the D.O.C., the Bomb Factory became an open history book on the city's rap lineage.  But truth be told, the crowd that had amassed around and on stage (including Scarface and Erykah Badu) were there to bear witness to the D.O.C.  Age and vocal limitations did not slow down the D.O.C., as he plowed through nearly 45 minutes of rap greatness including "It's Funky Enough" and a couple of new cuts that he debuted at the show.  By time he was over, you could tell he was truly grateful to the city of Dallas, his family and friends, and what God has given him.  A second chance.  Photos of the show are below:

Laydee Savage
Big Tuck
Fat Pimp
Mr. Pookie
Lil Wil
The D.O.C.
The D.O.C.: "Straight Outta Dallas" @ the Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX The D.O.C.: "Straight Outta Dallas" @ the Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on October 24, 2015 Rating: 5
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