Ben Kweller @ Good Records, Dallas, TX

Once again, the fine people at Good Records brought another popular, local artist to grace their Astroturf and perform a short set for the droves of fans.  This time, Ben Kweller and his band stopped by to perform a handful of songs to help promote his latest release, Go Fly a Kite.  Oddly enough, two members of the hard rock band Anvil were chatting with fans and signing autographs as Ben's band was setting up their gear.  You could tell they felt a little out of place as the numbers of youngsters and families were showing up for Ben's indie rock/pop goodness.  But like troopers, they kept smiles on their faces and even snapped a few photos with Ben before heading off to Trees for their headlining show.

The atmosphere at Good Records was very upbeat and there was a ton of love in the air.  With so many friends in attendance, Ben was greeted over and over again by the warmest of hugs and exchanges of pleasantries.  It's not hard to notice how humble and gracious he really is, taking pictures with anyone who asked and thanked them for showing up.  The show itself was very good.  The band started early, so they could fit as many songs as they could in their allotted time.  Most of the songs were from Go Fly a Kite but they ended with "Wasted and Ready" for good measure.  Ben will be returning to Dallas to perform at Granada Theater on April 20th.  It will no doubt be another great performance.  Pictures and videos of the show are below:

I had hoped to have all of his set uploaded for this post but, unfortunately, has not happened yet.  Stay tuned though, it will happen this week.

Ben Kweller @ Good Records, Dallas, TX Ben Kweller @ Good Records, Dallas, TX Reviewed by Scott Rowe, Editor on February 21, 2012 Rating: 5
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